December 2021

Angels’ Song

Stories of spooky encounters with beings from another realm seem more in line with the traditions of Halloween than Christmas, but as the Christmas story unfolds in the opening paragraphs of Luke’s Gospel we find three instances of an otherworldly being suddenly and unexpectedly materializing out of the unseen realm much to the terror of […]

July 2021

Mind the Gap

My wife hates it when I go grocery shopping with her. I always thought it would be a good time of fellowship and connection as we sauntered down the aisles looking for things to buy to eat for the week. Inevitably though, the grocery bill is often much more than it would be if she […]

June 2021

The Wrong Well

In today’s day and age the copious amount of information, both secular and Christian alike, inundates the consumer culture that it is born from. Even as Christians we must be in the practice of effectively discerning the truth, as it aligns with the scriptures, within the materials we consume or else we run the risk […]

May 2021

Through Not To

At the far end of our quiet mall there is a small collection of children’s rides. Now, you might not have travelled far enough down the empty corridors to know the specific ones I am talking about, but imagine the rides you used to see outside of a grocery store. The ones you put a […]

August 2020

He Had Said

When ordering off the menu at most restaurants, I find myself first eyeing what has passed its way by my table. Not because I am particularly impressed by presentation, but one important factor for me in food decision making is how filling the meal I order will be. Often I stick to what I know […]

September 2019

Marked: URGENT

In this message we open God’s Word together in Matthew 25. Here in the latter portion of this scripture we are given a glimpse through the words of Jesus into the final judgement. As Advent Christians it has always been part of our heritage to look at the soon and coming return of Christ, the […]

September 2018

Worthless Devotion

What does a knowledge of God and His son Jesus do in your life? It is inherent in all of us that in each moment, our brains are making risk-reward decisions. We are willing to take higher risks with the greater probability of higher rewards and of course lower risks when the reward is also […]

October 2017

End of An Era

1 Samuel 8 As of December 15, 2017, AOL Instant Messenger products and services will be shut down and will no longer work. They are shutting down AIM, it is quietly disappearing into the night, a mere shadow of what it once was. The end of an era has come. We are in the final chapter […]

September 2017

No Substitutes

1 Samuel 5-6 Determination is a poor substitute for reading the directions. Determination gets me in trouble, well not really determination per se. I suppose even the word itself is truly a poor substitute for my real folly which is probably more accurately defined as stubbornness. Now stubbornness IS determination, however it’s more my determination […]

August 2017

Why Do We Want What We Want

1 Samuel 1-2:11 Pastor Andrew introduces a new series based on the book of 1 Samuel.   God knew the rebellion of the nation, God knew the lack of love they had for each other, God knew they couldn’t fix this on their own, but God also knew they’d try. The end of the book […]