April 2023

Gospel Motivation

We are in week three of a four part focus on our responsibility as Christ followers to be engaged in missional living. Each year we believe it is important to re-orient ourselves in an intentional way around God’s mission. God’s mission is to redeem his whole creation, and the mission of the people of God […]

Missional Discipleship

For those of you that weren’t here last week, you are stepping into a conversation about missional living. For the rest of this month and the first Sunday in May, we are setting aside a time each Sunday to emphasize the mission of God here amongst us in a time we call Mission’s Emphasis. This […]

Missional Prayer

I said it last year as I introduced missions emphasis in 2022, but there is no better place for missions emphasis than following the act that made us all missionaries. Maybe not all “travel to another country” missionaries, but men and women who have repented and put God’s will for our lives first. Those who […]