January 2024

How Deep Is Your Love

George McLaughlin serves this morning as our guest speaker. George, of course, is well-known to many as he served for years as pastor of our sister church in Dunntown. He currently serves as chaplain and bereavement coordinator for Northern Light Home Care and Hospice. In this message he teaches from Mark 12:28-34.

December 2023

In Ordinary Times

Last January I was with a team from State Road in Palenque, Mexico joining a team from Tijuana to run Brigadas in some remote villages with missionaries Craig and Kristi Libby from Mexican Medical. We had an unexpected stay at a hotel the first night we were in country and that first morning we all […]

August 2023

Living On Purpose

The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime according to Andrew Naber, (industrial-organizational psychologist and data scientist). That is roughly 10.3 years. Greg Moody shared with us a couple weeks ago that the jobs we work and businesses of our employ, have a mission statement that directs the efforts of its […]

Carrying The Family Name

From a historic perspective it’s fascinating to think of ourselves as the people of time who are between Christ’s first coming and his second. When we read through the Bible from a top down perspective we see that God has been at work through the ages and eras of time. From the great flood, to […]

July 2023

Our Christian Walk

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians has always been a popular one for believers. It offered to the early Christians necessary guidance on Christian thought and devotion. We continue to need truth about the role of grace and unity, devotion and daily living in a culture that would try to disable our commitment to Kingdom principles. […]

Mephibosheth v. Ziba

It’s kind of a murky tale that leaves a lot of readers wondering who to believe. It’s the case of Mephibosheth v. Ziba. For the full context you can read 2 Samuel 4:4, 2 Samuel 9, 2 Samuel 16:1-4 and 2 Samuel 19:24-30. The principal players of this confusing story are King David, Mephibosheth (a […]

A Woman Named Rahab

As we worship God through the study of His Word, we’ll be learning about a woman named Rahab. You can find her story in Joshua 2. It’s an interesting story filled with spies, danger, double agents, and narrow escapes. Rahab was a resident of the doomed city of Jericho and her life took an unexpected […]

May 2023

Christian Growth

Pastor David hails from Cento Christiano Cultural de Guatemala (CCCG). Over the years a number of people from State Road have gotten to know Pastor David through Neighbors First projects in Guatemala or by sponsoring a child through the ministry of CCCG. Additionally, he is the brother of Roberto Alvarez whom we support through Provee […]

January 2023

Making All Things New

The word “new” is one of God’s favorite ways of describing His work in the world. NEW commandment (John 13:34) NEW covenant (Luke 22:20). NEW creation (2 Corinthians 15:17). NEW heavens and a NEW earth (Isaiah 65:17). NEW spirit (Ezekiel 11:19). NEW song (Isaiah 42:10). He is the God who is “making all things new.” […]

August 2022

The Pearl of Great Value

Those of us who have found Jesus and who have put our trust in Him for salvation know what a treasure He is. We have found in Him a hope that will not fail. There is a shining excellence that hangs around all of His promises. We have found a better and an abiding possession […]