December 2019

Jesus: Our Ark

Christmas is in the rearview mirror, and although our stockings now hang empty I pray that every heart is full as we look forward to the new year. Maybe 2020 will be the year of Christ’s return! I hope you can come join us this Sunday for the last worship service of 2019. For just […]

September 2019

Marked: URGENT

In this message we open God’s Word together in Matthew 25. Here in the latter portion of this scripture we are given a glimpse through the words of Jesus into the final judgement. As Advent Christians it has always been part of our heritage to look at the soon and coming return of Christ, the […]

A Word of Encouragement

Sue Hansens died on February 12th of this year. It was not an unexpected death, but even so when it came the news was bitter. It’s strange to say, but the first emotion I felt upon receiving the news was not sadness but rather loneliness. Sadness quickly followed but for a split second loneliness stood […]

Traveling Companions

Hermeneutics is a big seldom-used word meaning the study of the methodological principles of interpretation (as of the Bible.) In other words, it’s the science of how to study the Bible. One hermeneutical principle that is sometimes very helpful in guiding Bible students in understanding any given topic is the principle of first mention. The […]

The Prayer of Faith

To me one of the most fascinating things about the created order that God set up in the Garden of Eden was that Adam and Eve needed to eat at all. To my mind perfection would be marked by a complete absence of need. However, even in the perfection of the garden they got hungry […]

Do This In Remembrance of Me

On the night Jesus was betrayed he instituted the sacrament of communion saying, “Do this in remembrance of me.” Communion is, in part, a call to remember, but memory can be a tricky thing for the Christian. Our memory is sometimes our friend, but other times it accuses us and fills us with shame. Our […]

July 2019

Internal Investment

Luke 16:1-9 A message about the gift of money and its value beyond this world.

June 2019

You Are Here For Something

1 Peter 4:7-11   A message about understanding the need to user our God-given gifts for the sake of the Church and community.  

November 2018

Building a Theology of Church Membership

We will be take a break from our Esther series this Sunday. Instead, we pose the question, “What’s the deal with church membership?” This study will coincide with the announcement of our next round of church membership classes. If you are not already a member of State Road, please prayerfully consider whether or not God […]

June 2017

The Father’s Day

Exodus 20:8-11 On any given Sunday, there is at least one of us in this room that’s tired, drained, and exhausted and I might even venture a guess and say at least two…so when someone steps to the pulpit to share insight from scripture, it’s nearly impossible to rest in those words in those moments. […]