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In this message we study the life of one of Judah’s lesser known Kings, Uzziah. We find his story in 2 Chronicles 26. In the Old Testament we are given the names of 46 men who were kings over Israel and Judah. Some of these names are famous (like David for example), some of them are infamous (like Ahab!), but most of them are some mix of the two and not really well-known to us. Most folks know that there were a lot of kings, and that some of them were good and others bad, but the details of their lives are kind of fuzzy.

Well, this Sunday we’ll get to know Uzziah a little better and see how this man who once held the highest place in the kingdom was brought so low that anyone who had his health would not have traded places with him. The man in whose presence it was once an honor to stand was reduced to such a condition that it would have been an extreme act of kindness for anyone to be with him at all. This was a sudden and humiliating reversal for Uzziah from Great King to pariah and outcast. What caused such a reversal? Well as Proverbs 16:18 says, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”