The Father’s Day

Exodus 20:8-11
On any given Sunday, there is at least one of us in this room that’s tired, drained, and exhausted and I might even venture a guess and say at least two…so when someone steps to the pulpit to share insight from scripture, it’s nearly impossible to rest in those words in those moments. Besides, please, if everything else in my life needs doing, preacher add something else to it. We are tired. It’s a societal norm for us to be unsure if we are busy, hurried, or appropriately active.
An overflowing cup is what we need to serve from, to work from, to father and to parent from. Fathers, help your families see Christ today. Help them see the goodness of God and to celebrate it. This is a call to all of us, what are you doing today to draw others into a relationship with Jesus Christ? I believe God wants us to observe the Sabbath, but not just to observe it…He wants us to enjoy it, together.