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May 2018

Humility Part 1

In our Bibles we find a number of what I call “Christ-imitator” verses. These are those verses that point us toward some aspect of how Christ related to us and then exhorts us to follow His example in how we relate to others in the church and the world. (Some examples are 

October 2017

End of An Era

1 Samuel 8
As of December 15, 2017, AOL Instant Messenger products and services will be shut down and will no longer work. They are shutting down AIM, it is quietly disappearing into the night, a mere shadow of what it once was. The end of an era has come. We are in the final chapter of Samuel’s life and you and I both will see what he does with his transition over the next few chapters. The stage is set and change is coming for Samuel, for all of Israel as they approach th

September 2017

No Substitutes

1 Samuel 5-6
Determination is a poor substitute for reading the directions. Determination gets me in trouble, well not really determination per se. I suppose even the word itself is truly a poor substitute for my real folly which is probably more accurately defined as stubbornness. Now stubbornness IS determination, however it’s more my determination not to change my attitude or position on something. But determination or stubbornness can cost us dearly.

August 2017

Why Do We Want What We Want

1 Samuel 1-2:11
Pastor Andrew introduces a new series based on the book of 1 Samuel.
God knew the rebellion of the nation, God knew the lack of love they had for each other, God knew they couldn’t fix this on their own, but God also knew they’d try. The end of the book of Judges is not the end of the judges, in fact God begins the transition to monarchy and indirectly an earthly kingdom for Israel by first restoring what was His in the person of the priest th

June 2017

The Father’s Day

Exodus 20:8-11
On any given Sunday, there is at least one of us in this room that’s tired, drained, and exhausted and I might even venture a guess and say at least two…so when someone steps to the pulpit to share insight from scripture, it’s nearly impossible to rest in those words in those moments. Besides, please, if everything else in my life needs doing, preacher add something else to it. We are tired. It’s a societal norm for us to be unsure if we are busy, hurried, or ap

April 2017


Romans 11:1-10
Most times when we are lost, we have no clue how or when we got there. But it’s not as simple as “ah, if I back up 100 feet right now, I will suddenly be un-lost. We don’t become un-lost by turning around and finding our own way, no, our gracious Lord picks us up and grafts us back in for His glory. You aren’t beyond the love of our trustworthy God.