January 2020

The Heart of the Issue

I hate waiting. Really, nobody likes waiting, but some do seem to have a higher tolerance for it than others. David doesn’t strike me as one of those people. In 1 Samuel 27 David commits the sin of not waiting. In the church we often talk about various sins, but “not waiting” is rarely mentioned. […]

Looking for Patterns

It has been a little more than four months since we paused our study through the life of David, but in this message we return to it as we take up 1 Samuel 26 together. In this chapter Saul will be informed by the Ziphites that David and his men are hiding in their territory, […]

August 2019

A Man Named Fool

Sarah and I love befriending other couples, and one of the first questions I like to ask as I am getting to know another couple is, “How did you two first meet?” I have asked that question hundreds of times over the years, and the responses have run the gamut from the fairly pedestrian like […]

The Temptation of David

After the events of chapter 23, that we studied last week, King Saul, along with three-thousand of his best men, pursued David into the oasis of En-Gedi. They were hot on the trail of Israel’s most wanted fugitive when a very human thing happened. Saul had to go to the bathroom so the armed troupe […]

July 2019

But David’s Men Said

Although not yet recognized as King within Israel, and although he is innocent of a grasping desire to usurp Saul’s throne, in chapter 23 of 1st Samuel we will see that David’s shepherd heart toward Israel forces him to begin acting the part of a King by protecting the people of an Israelite town called […]

Depart and Go

In the Bible, Adullam is first mentioned among the cities conquered by Joshua during his conquest of the promised land. It is a site known to modern archaeologists as well. Even today the ruins of ancient fortifications can be found there atop a mounded hill and the nearby cliff faces are dotted with caves whose […]

June 2019

Fear and Lies

Do the ends justify the means? In his book, “Pioneer Priests of North America,” historian Francis Parkman tells the tale of a group of missionaries in the late 1600’s who were having a very difficult time trying to win converts from among the Huron people of Canada. The indigenous people were not interested in anything […]

Jonathan: Traitor or Loyalist?

Several Sundays ago we studied the first five verses of 1 Samuel 18 in which we witnessed the birth of that famous friendship between David and Jonathan. This friendship had its beginnings in those happy days following the killing of Goliath. Everybody was lining up to pat David on the back then! However, often times […]

The Already But Not Yet King

The book of 1st Samuel is dominated by three human personalities, Samuel, Saul and David, but oddly, the 19th chapter is the only place in the entire book where all three men are found together in the same place at the same time. The 19th chapter of 1st Samuel is not only an exciting portion […]

Don’t Pour Your Passions Into A Broken Pot

Imagine if your Father-In-Law had tried to murder you with a spear…twice. In 1 Samuel 17 David asked what would be done for the man who killed Goliath and the reward was, in part, that the daughter of Saul would be given to him in marriage. After some time passes Saul makes good on that […]