Worthless Devotion

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What does a knowledge of God and His son Jesus do in your life? It is inherent in all of us that in each moment, our brains are making risk-reward decisions. We are willing to take higher risks with the greater probability of higher rewards and of course lower risks when the reward is also low. Some of these decisions are at very subconscious level and others are decisions we process through much thought and consideration. Like the age old question…where will we go to lunch today after the service. But fundamentally let’s ask ourselves the question this morning, is my devotion ultimately worth it?
As we look at the example of the nation of Israel in 2 Kings 17:6-15 together, use these prompts to help you walk in this text with us.
I.   We forget who we follow.
II.  We become what we devote ourselves to.
III. Who is God and what has He done?
Immerse yourself in the Word that your devotion might follow, because it was THIS God who from the beginning of time provided to us the straight and ONLY path out of the desert through His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus who He himself was the perfect fulfillment of devotion to the will of God the Father. That even through His own humanity in the desert of this life prayed to God so deeply in agony to “remove this cup from me” (Luke 22:42) that His sweat became like great drops of blood. He humbly submitted himself to the Will of our Creator and Sustainer God that we all might follow Him. Don’t forget who you’re following.
Psalm 113-114, 2 Kings 17:6-15, Psalm 119:36-37, Psalm 115:4-8, Psalm 107:4-9, Psalm 115:1-3,9-18, Jeremiah 2:4-8, Psalm 119:37, Luke 22:42 Psalm 116-118