Why Do We Want What We Want

1 Samuel 1-2:11
Pastor Andrew introduces a new series based on the book of 1 Samuel.
God knew the rebellion of the nation, God knew the lack of love they had for each other, God knew they couldn’t fix this on their own, but God also knew they’d try. The end of the book of Judges is not the end of the judges, in fact God begins the transition to monarchy and indirectly an earthly kingdom for Israel by first restoring what was His in the person of the priest through this boy Samuel who is grafted into the priesthood. Why, because He knew.
I’m thankful that his patience and mercy have long been part of his plan, the one through another son, HIS son Jesus Christ. A Savior that we did not have to ask for because our God already knew. I’m thankful for Hannah’s heart, a heart that turns personal glory into God’s glory. In your pain, in your suffering – when you feel constrained by your borders – turn to God for purpose. Want what you want for God’s glory.