The Wrong Well

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In today’s day and age the copious amount of information, both secular and Christian alike, inundates the consumer culture that it is born from. Even as Christians we must be in the practice of effectively discerning the truth, as it aligns with the scriptures, within the materials we consume or else we run the risk of falling prey to the agendas of man and not God. And so for the remaining culture around us, the amount of philosophical arguments and ways of life may just about seem endless. I have to imagine that just might be the sea that Dionysius and Damaris find them selves floating in as Luke makes reference to them briefly at the end of Acts 17.

I have never be fully out to sea on a boat myself, but my wife’s aunt and uncle charted a course around the world on their sailboat and headed out back in November 2019. I can’t imagine the feeling of seeing only water in all directions for as far as the eye can see. But as I considered their journey while reflecting on this weeks texts, I couldn’t help but draw the parallel in my own mind that as a non-believer there is an ignorance of God like being on a boat and being told of land when none is in sight.

The pursuit of truth must be a killer of personal pride. Dionysius, a member of the Areopagus, was faced with a choice…pursue truth or pursue a relative version of it that he had so long walked in. As we have been looking at obscure bible characters, this week we find two that set their A-list status aside for the sake of truth.

Even as Christians we must understand our own potential for self-deception in the pursuit of truth and set aside what SEEMS good for what IS right. In a sea of information and knowledge, let us not be ignorant of the most important things we could ever know.