Souls Knit Together

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Years ago, I knew an acquaintance who had recently moved to a new town and was attending a new church. I asked her how the transition was going, and she said, “Everybody’s friendly, but nobody’s a friend.” That phrase stuck with me. Of course, what she meant by that was that although everyone was nice enough she didn’t yet feel like she had connected in a deeper way with anyone. Her new relationships were pleasant but also superficial and therefore unsatisfying.

To one degree or another we all want to be known and accepted and to feel that we belong. The forming of close bonds in friendship is a wonderful feeling rivaled only by deep familial bonds or the sensation of falling in love. However, deep friendships often elude us. Many today feel lonely even in the midst of their relationships.

In this message, as we continue our study series through the life of David, we will be introduced to one of the most famous friendships in all the Bible, that of David and Jonathan. I  hope you listen in as we study 1 Samuel 18:1-5 and think deeply about the nature of Christian friendship.