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September 2019

The Prayer of Faith

To me one of the most fascinating things about the created order that God set up in the Garden of Eden was that Adam and Eve needed to eat at all. To my mind perfection would be marked by a complete absence of need. However, even in the perfection of the garden they got hungry and when that happened they would satisfy that need by eating from the many trees that God had provided for them there. The need was met wonderfully, but it still existed.

What does it say about God that he created

Do This In Remembrance of Me

On the night Jesus was betrayed he instituted the sacrament of communion saying, “Do this in remembrance of me.” Communion is, in part, a call to remember, but memory can be a tricky thing for the Christian. Our memory is sometimes our friend, but other times it accuses us and fills us with shame. Our memory of past sins and failings can distort our view of Jesus making him appear as a distant judge more than a loving savior and so it is significant that Jesus’ command for us to remember hi

August 2019

Mexican Medical Ministries Update

Craig and Kristi Libby, from Mexican Medical Ministries, serve primarily in the Baja of Mexico. In this message Craig brings a thought for us from Matthew 14 regarding obedience and trust then Kristi provides an update on the work in Mexico.

A Man Named Fool

Sarah and I love befriending other couples, and one of the first questions I like to ask as I am getting to know another couple is, “How did you two first meet?” I have asked that question hundreds of times over the years, and the responses have run the gamut from the fairly pedestrian like “we grew up together,” to the truly bizarre like one man I know who was an amateur taxidermist. He met his wife while scraping roadkill off the side of the road in front of her house so he could practice

The Temptation of David

After the events of chapter 23, that we studied last week, King Saul, along with three-thousand of his best men, pursued David into the oasis of En-Gedi. They were hot on the trail of Israel’s most wanted fugitive when a very human thing happened. Saul had to go to the bathroom so the armed troupe came to a halt outside of a cave that local shepherds used as a fold for their flocks at night. As the men milled about, and their animals fell to grazing, King Saul ducked into the cave to “r

July 2019

But David’s Men Said

Although not yet recognized as King within Israel, and although he is innocent of a grasping desire to usurp Saul’s throne, in chapter 23 of 1st Samuel we will see that David’s shepherd heart toward Israel forces him to begin acting the part of a King by protecting the people of an Israelite town called Keilah from an invading force of Philistines. During our study of chapter 22 last week we saw that when Gad confronted David about lingering in Moab he immediately obeyed and returned to Judah, but, as we will see in this week’s study, returning was merely the floor, not the ceiling, of what he was called to do.

I hope you can listen in as we study 1 Samuel 23:1-14.

Depart and Go

In the Bible, Adullam is first mentioned among the cities conquered by Joshua during his conquest of the promised land. It is a site known to modern archaeologists as well. Even today the ruins of ancient fortifications can be found there atop a mounded hill and the nearby cliff faces are dotted with caves whose ceilings are charred black from all the campfires down through the millennia. In David’s time the site was likely abandoned and uninhabited, which made it an ideal hideout, and in 1

Internal Investment

Luke 16:1-9
A message about the gift of money and its value beyond this world.

June 2019

You Are Here For Something

1 Peter 4:7-11
A message about understanding the need to user our God-given gifts for the sake of the Church and community.

Fear and Lies

Do the ends justify the means?

In his book, “Pioneer Priests of North America,” historian Francis Parkman tells the tale of a group of missionaries in the late 1600’s who were having a very difficult time trying to win converts from among the Huron people of Canada. The indigenous people were not interested in anything the Jesuits had to say, but they were enthralled by a cuckoo clock that the missionaries had brought with them from France. Every hour on the hour the bird would emerg