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October 2018

When God is Invisible He is Still Involved

This Sunday, as we worship God through the study of His Word, we will be jumping in to the first chapter of Esther. Chapter 1 is kind of a dark way to begin this story. Neither God nor God’s people are in view and all of the brokenness of the fall is on full display in the drunken court of King Xerxes. It reminds me of the truth that before there can ever be good news there must first be bad news. I’m looking forward to seeing what God wants to say to us through His Word when we gather back together this Sunday.

September 2018

An Introduction to Esther

In this message we launch into our new study through the Old Testament book of Esther.

In Acts 20:27 Paul told the Elders of the Ephesian church, “I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole counsel of God.”

God’s people need the whole counsel of God, and this is one of the biggest reasons why we believe it is important to study our way through entire books of the Bible. We want to receive the whole counsel of God, not just snatch little snippets here and there. When Bibl

Worthless Devotion

What does a knowledge of God and His son Jesus do in your life? It is inherent in all of us that in each moment, our brains are making risk-reward decisions. We are willing to take higher risks with the greater probability of higher rewards and of course lower risks when the reward is also low. Some of these decisions are at very subconscious level and others are decisions we process through much thought and consideration. Like the age old question…where will we go to lunch today after th

Flowing Out

For the past four Sundays we have been unpacking each of the four things found in Acts 2:42 that the early church had devoted themselves to. In this message we wrap up our series through these verses by looking at what flowed out of that devotedness by taking a look at what to protect ourselves against. Listen in as Pastor Josh closes this series on togetherness in the church.

Devoted to the Prayers

I love the change in seasons. Skeins of geese are heading south. The mornings are feeling crisp. The apple trees are hanging heavy with fruit. Every once in a while, I will see the earliest leaves beginning to change.

Fall marks the beginning of a new season of ministry at State Road also. Sign ups have begun for small groups, Sunday school begins this coming Sunday, Varsity and Hide & Seek Club are set to begin soon also. We have been preparing for this upcoming season by studyi

The Breaking of Bread

There is disagreement among Bible scholars about what precisely Luke meant when he wrote in Acts 2:42 that the early church devoted themselves “to the breaking of bread.” In some instances, Luke uses this expression to describe a shared meal, but at other times he seems to be using it as a reference to the Lord’s Supper. So, in Acts 2:42, which meaning did Luke have in view when he wrote about their devotedness to the breaking of bread. Listen in as we try to make sense of this and apply its meaning to our lives.

August 2018

Devoted to the Fellowship

“Fellowship” is a word that is used by Christians a lot, but its common meaning has strayed somewhat from what the Biblical writers first intended. Listen in as we try to recapture a deeper, fuller understanding of what it means to have fellowship with one another. What is koinonia and why do some feel no need for it?

Authority and Truth

In the last message we were introduced to Acts 2:42-47, which provides a snapshot of the early church in those heady days when thousands came to faith in Jesus following Pentecost. These verses describe a rare kind of church community that few of us have ever experienced personally, but which stirs in us a longing for the perfect communion we will know in heaven and a desire to see and be a part of a more perfect communion even here and now. Many commentators point out that these verses des

A Snapshot of the Early Church

This week we continue worshiping God through the study of His Word as we prepare our hearts for the launch of Small Groups in October. Over the past two weeks we have explored primarily two passages of scripture that demonstrate that there is a Biblical mandate for believers to pursue deepening relationships with a small group of believers away from the general gathering of God’s people in a large worship service context. This week we’ll change direction slightly and begin looking beyon

Striving Together

Here at State Road we are looking forward to the launch of small group Bible studies this fall. To prepare the way for this exciting new season of ministry we will be spending a few Sundays laying out a Biblical understanding of why small groups are something every believer should consider being a part of. Each week we’ll be looking at portions of scripture in which God appeals to us through His Word to seek out smaller, more intimate gatherings of believers for the purpose of mutual watc