The Supernatural Oneness of the Church

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No sooner did Adam bite into the forbidden fruit than sin, death, and conflict was born into the world, and today it stains everything. The eating of that fruit was a violent act. It shattered the mirror of creation which had reflected and imaged forth the peace and perfection of God and all creation fell into millions and millions of jagged, sharp little pieces. In one horrible moment of rebellious disobedience peace gave way to wrath, and unity gave way to alienation. As creatures, who had been uniquely made in the very image of God, human beings became especially broken in the fall. Internally, we see the rough, jagged cracks of sinful passions, hidden anxieties, doubts and pride. Externally, our relationships are often strained and marked by hurt, disappointment, distrust, selfishness, dishonesty, shame, superiority, embarrassment, disdain, exploitation, aggression and all kinds of strife. And in our most important relationship, the very relationship for which we were first made, that was shattered also and mankind became alienated from God. As Romans 8:7 says, “For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God’s law; indeed it cannot.”

At its core the story of man’s fall is one of prideful rebellion and a shattered peace, and, at its core, the Gospel is all about unity restored. Come be part of the conversation as we study a very challenging passage of scripture found in John 17 in which Jesus prays for His church that we would “perfectly one” just as He and the Father are one.