The Love That Makes Us Free

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Christians talk a lot about being free in Christ, but to many non-believers they see life in Christ as the very opposite of freedom. From their perspective, Christians have a “Lord,” and a pretty demanding one at that. They think, “how would I be free if I became a Christian? If you become a Christian then you must submit to the will of your Lord, right? Isn’t it true also that the Bible has a bunch of rules in it, and Christians have to follow those rules?”

“I’m sorry,” they think to themselves, “but people who have to do whatever their ‘LORD’ says and who have all these rules they have to live under and who have to give up things even if they enjoy them- They Cannot be called free!”

Do they have a point? How would you answer such a person if they raised these questions with you?

This Sunday we’ll be continuing our study of Psalm 107 by unpacking verses 10-16 together. This stanza is a celebration of the love that makes us free, but, again, what does a Christian mean when they say that they have been made free?