Proclaim The Gospel

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Over the course of his time as an Apostle, Paul was responsible for speaking a great many words. His writings alone fill a large portion of our New Testaments, and everywhere Paul goes he is described as proclaiming, teaching, preaching, exhorting and defending the Gospel with words. Interestingly, the very first reference in the Bible to this man of words making an utterance was in Acts 9:1 when we are told that he was “breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord.” Fast forward then to 2 Timothy 4:22 which contains his last recorded words, “Grace be with you.” What an amazing story of grace and Spirit-filled transformation lies between the threats and murder of Acts 9:1 and these last recorded words in 2 Timothy. Jesus once remarked that it is out of the abundance of the heart that a person speaks. That’s what makes these last words of Paul’s so heartening. They are a window into a heart that has been captured and transformed by the Gospel.

With this message we wrap up our sermon series through the book of 2 Timothy by studying chapter 4. This is a powerful chapter in which Paul will issue a solemn charge to Timothy and to all successive generations of the church.