Is Man Immortal

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In this series we’ll be exploring the doctrinal distinctives of the Advent Christian Denomination. I don’t generally make a habit of focusing on that too much as it tends to emphasize what separates us off rather than what unites us to the broader family of the Church. However, it does seem appropriate to reacquaint ourselves periodically with those beliefs and biblical interpretations that have been traditionally held by Advent Christians.

We will explore those doctrinal distinctives over the span of three Sundays by posing three questions and seeking answers in the word of God.

Question #1- Is man immortal?

Question #2- What happens to a person when they die?

Question #3- What is the ultimate or final end of the wicked?

As indicated above the question that we’ll be asking and seeking answers for in the Bible in this message will be, “Is man immortal?”