Empty Tomb, Full Hearts

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All human beings are either of Adam or of Jesus.

The first Adam was the great bringer of death, and all who are born in the line and lineage of Adam remain under its curse. Jesus, who scripture describes as the second Adam(Romans 5 and 1 Corinthians 15) , was the great life-bringer, and anyone who puts their trust in Him for salvation becomes born again and is delivered out from under the curse of sin and death.

The first Adam began as dust that was then filled with spirit. The second Adam was first spirit that then became clothed in dust, which is to say that although Adam was made in the image and likeness of God, the second Adam, Jesus, was God made into the image and likeness of man.

The first Adam fell. The second came down on purpose.

The first Adam brought death from a tree to himself. The second brought himself to death on a tree.

The first Adam was driven out of a garden in accordance with the curse. The second Adam was dragged out of one in accordance with the promise.

The first Adam was named such for having come from the ground. The second Adam was named such for going into the ground.

The first Adam shifted the blame to his bride. The second Adam took his bride’s blame onto Himself.

The first Adam conspired with his bride to reject the Father. The second Adam conspired with the Father to redeem His bride.

The first Adam hid himself because he was naked. The second stepped forward because we were.

The first Adam would have had no idea what to do with a tomb. The tomb had no idea what to do with the second Adam.

Our eyewitness guide, John, will describe for us the wonder and the happy meaning of the resurrection.