Blinded to the Light

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Imagine if I made some over-the-top, extraordinary claim about myself. You would probably want to see some proof before you accepted what I was saying as true. For example, what if I made the claim that the Queen of England and I were best friends? You would probably be a little skeptical about that. My insistence that it was true would probably not be enough on its own to convince you. So I would need to offer some compelling proofs and credible witnesses to corroborate the incredible story that Queen Elizabeth II counted me as her closest friend. Well, of course, the Queen and I have never even met. How sad for her, right? But in John 5:31-47 we find Jesus in a similar predicament. His testimony about Himself is not enough for people who were skeptical of His claims to divine authority and power. Predictably, he answers their skepticism by offering some compelling proofs and the most credible witnesses that could be found in that culture. It is a fascinating exchange with far-reaching implications for us as followers of Jesus today. I hope you will listen in as we study this passage of scripture together.