A Certain People

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In this message the plot will thicken as we continue our study through the Old Testament book of Esther. In our study of chapter 2 we witnessed the unlikely rise to prominence of Esther, a Jewish orphan girl who is chosen by King Xerxes to become the next Queen of Persia. God had a lot to say to us through His Word as we studied chapter 2 together. In this message, as we study chapter 3, we will witness the rise of another person in Xerxes’ court. Every great story needs a villain, and in chapter 3 we will be introduced to a man described in the Bible as “the enemy of the Jews.” His name was Haman the Agagite. Although unknown to one another these two, Esther and Haman, are on a collision course. I hope you would lean in as we unpack this dramatic portion of scripture together.