March 2023

Rivers Into Wastelands

In this message we conclude our study through Psalm 107 by taking up verses 33-43. Try to carve out some time before you listen to give these verses a read. It is, in some ways, a challenging and difficult portion of scripture to understand and apply to our lives, but there is real value in […]

The Love That Brings Us Peace

Do you remember the scene from the Bible when Jesus and His disciples were out in a boat in the middle of a storm? (Mark 4:35-41) Mysteriously, Jesus was sound asleep in the stern even though the wind was howling, the waves were breaking over the sides, and the boat was filling with water. His […]

The Love That Makes Us Whole

An Open Letter to My Children… “Dear Tate Kids, I need to apologize to you for something. It’s not my fault exactly, but I will apologize anyway because unfortunately I’m not entirely blameless in the matter either. Your Mom and I have passed on to you a fatal genetic condition which runs in our family. […]

February 2023

The Love That Makes Us Free

Christians talk a lot about being free in Christ, but to many non-believers they see life in Christ as the very opposite of freedom. From their perspective, Christians have a “Lord,” and a pretty demanding one at that. They think, “how would I be free if I became a Christian? If you become a Christian […]

Hungry and Thirsty

We will be continuing our study of Psalm 107 by unpacking verses 4-9 together. The first three verses of the Psalm introduced the main theme that God is good and that His steadfast love endures forever. Then the next four stanzas go on to provide four showpiece demonstrations of God’s goodness and love toward us. […]

Psalm 107

In our study of 2 Timothy 4 from last week, we read Paul’s words at the end of his life, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” I’m willing to bet that many Christians who read those words come away feeling some measure of sadness because […]