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July 2020

Light and Dark

“Drawing a line the sand” is a common idiom in English meant to describe an action which, once taken, signifies a permanent and decisive commitment to an ideal, cause or person as well as a willingness to suffer any possible consequences that might come from taking that stand. This coming Sunday, we will continue our study through the Gospel of John by finishing Jesus’ nocturnal conversation with Nicodemus. In John 3:17-21 Jesus uses words to draw a line in the sand and then encourages Nicodemus, and also us, to join Him on the other side of it. I hope you can join us this Sunday as we study this important passage of scripture together.

Sacrificial Love

My favorite stanza from the old hymn, “I Love to Tell the Story,” is the one that goes:

“I love to tell the story
For those who know it best
Seem hungering and thirsting
To hear it like the rest”

If you’re like me than you’re very familiar with the old, old story, but the Gospel is like a piece of chewing gum that never runs out of flavor no matter how much you chew it. Even those who know it best continue to savor and enjoy the truth

June 2020

Born Again

In this message we tackle the first fifteen verses of John 3 in which Jesus has a nighttime conversation with a Pharisee named Nicodemus. For the most part, Jesus’ interactions with the Pharisees were pretty contentious, but this time it is different. Nicodemus is a genuine truth-seeker with humility in great enough measure to celebrate what he sees in Jesus rather than feel jealous or threatened by Him. However, in the course of their conversation Jesus makes a statement to Nicodemus tha

Cleansing the Temple

In this message we continue our study through the Gospel of John by studying verses 13-22 of chapter 2 in which Jesus cleanses the temple. This account shows us a side of Jesus that we don’t often see. He is angry. He overturns tables. He takes people’s money and scatters it on the floor. Most shocking of all, He fashions some cords into a whip and turns it on animals and people alike. What does all this mean? And how do we apply it? I hope you can be part of the conversation as we unpack these verses together.

What Are You Seeking

This Sunday we’ll be continuing our study through the Gospel of John by unpacking John 1:35-51 together. In these verses John recounts how Jesus first began to gain a following of disciples. One of the things that often strikes me when I read the Bible is how different the recruitment strategy of Jesus and the early church was from what we see in Christian practice today. Listen in and be part of the conversation as we study these verses together.

Who Are You

For the most part the Bible depicts people in a warts-and-all kind of way, which is to say that both their good and bad points are highlighted. However, whereas the stories of personalities like David or Peter reveal a complicated and nuanced portrait of a fellow struggler, other figures seem to be depicted in a more one-dimensional kind of way. For example you’d be hard pressed to find anything admirable in the Bible’s depiction of Jezebel or Herod. Inversely, the Bible doesn’t offer

Light and Sight

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I have a fairly serious sleep walking problem. Over the years I have had many nocturnal adventures like the time I wandered around a horse ranch, destroyed a drop ceiling, went outside and yelled at my neighbor’s house, went into work at a police department, climbed out of a bedroom window, and another time when I injured myself so badly that I was unable to talk for a few days… all while sleeping. Once, in college, I horrified my roommate who wo

May 2020

In The Beginning

Of the four Gospel accounts contained in the New Testament John begins his in a very unique way. Whereas Matthew and Luke, who both begin their Gospels with a genealogy, seem intent on demonstrating the humanity of Jesus, and Mark opens his Gospel by describing the ministry of John the Baptist who preceded Jesus, but John in his Gospel goes all the way back to the beginning. Not just the beginning of Jesus’ earthly ministry, but that mysterious time before the foundations of the earth wer


In this message we finish our series through the prison prayers of Paul by studying Colossians 1:9-14. I invite you to join me in praying this beautiful prayer over your brothers and sisters in Christ this week as the Spirit brings them to your mind. If you like a challenge try committing this prayer to memory. Then you would have it in your arsenal when you find yourself tongue tied and searching for words to pray over a friend from church.

I pray that (__________) would be filled w


Pastor and author, John MacArthur posed the following exercise:

Imagine that you are granted the amazing opportunity to build a new church from the ground up in a community that needs a good church. From the following list you can pick three things to start with, which three things would you choose? Rank them by putting a “1” next to the one you think would be most important, a “2” by the next most important, and “3” by the third. Think big!

_____ a brand new, state-of