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February 2019

Weak and Afraid

In this message, we’ll be introducing our next sermon series that will take us through eight of the conversion stories that we find in the book of Acts. It is my hope and my prayer that studying these passages together will be both an encouragement and a practical help to us in our own efforts to be witnesses for the Gospel right here in Aroostook County.

We need to be encouraged by these stories to believe that the power that is at work within us is stronger than the downward pull of these d

The Main Character Problem

The Bible contains both inspiring stories of faithfulness that we are to imitate and also cautionary tales that serve as a warning. In 1 Corinthians 10:6&11 Paul explains the value of studying Bible stories that show the consequences of living in ways that are selfish and disobedient.

(Verse 6) Now these things occurred as examples to keep us from setting our hearts on evil things as they did.

(Verse 11) These things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnin

All Things To All People

So far in 2019 we have been talking a lot about our calling to make more and better disciples here at State Road church. I say “more” because part of being obedient to the Great Commission calling will involve winning new converts out of the world, and I say “better” because once a person has been converted to Christianity our obligation to that person has only just begun. They will need a church family to help them grow into a fully committed follower of Jesus. We all continuously

January 2019

If You Love Me, You Will Keep My Commands

Generally speaking, Christians are more comfortable with commands to act than commands to feel. It’s one thing for God to command us to witness to the lost, but another to command that we also be heartbroken over their state of separation. It’s one thing to command that we serve our enemies, but another to command that we also love them. It’s one thing to command our obedience, but another to command our cheerful, joy-filled obedience. The problem is that when we come to the Bible, God ofte

Tuning Our Hearts

In Joshua 5:13-19 we read about an encounter that Joshua had with an Angel before the battle of Jericho. It says that Joshua, “lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold a man was standing before him with his drawn sword in his hand. And Joshua went to him and said to him, “Are you for us or for our adversaries?” And he said, “No; but I am the commander of the army of the Lord.”

Joshua, who apparently didn’t recognize right away that the figure was an angel, essentially aske

Loving God Together

Homemade crepes are one of my kids’ favorite breakfasts. They often ask for it as a special treat on their birthdays and other special occasions. The thing I like about making crepes is that they are so simple. To make crepes you only need a handful of ingredients. Eggs, flour, and milk are mainly what goes into making a crepe, but imagine trying to make crepes by leaving out one of those three main ingredients. Crepes without flour, for example, would just be runny scrambled eggs?


December 2018

Loving God, Loving Others, Love in Action

The simple discipleship process by which we bring people along toward becoming fully committed followers of Christ at State Road Church is the way in which we ourselves exemplify our ever deepening levels of commitment to our God. Our personal and corporate worship should lead to deeper connected relationships which spur and encourage one another on to serve. Let us not represent our faith with busyness yet let us each be committed to a plan of action given by God to draw others to Him.
  1. New Year’s Resolution
  2. Intentionality in the Christian Life
  3. The Great Commission and the Greatest Command
  4. Loving God, Loving Others, Love in Action

The Barrier Destroying God

I remember very clearly one winter night when my daughter was little. It was around bedtime, and, as was our habit, I let her pick out a few books for me to read to her before turning off the light. One of the books that she pressed into my hands was a new one to me, “Barbie in a Christmas Carol” by Mary Man-Kong. The story’s main character was a glamorous singing star named Eden Starling. She was beautiful and talented but also “very vain” and “cared only about herself.” Beca

Parenting Tips From the Christmas Story

As Christians, We worship a God who is so much higher and bigger than us that we, as His followers, have to become very comfortable with mystery. And there is a lot of mystery surrounding the Christmas story, and perhaps the most mysterious moment of all is when Mary’s God came to be conceived in her womb.

The angel, Gabriel, in a few short words, broke into the normal, unremarkable life of this girl and dropped some unbelievable news on her. And Mary, to her credit, doesn’t disb

Building on the Wrong Side of Eternity

Throughout the month of December we will be studying different aspects of the Christmas story at State Road Church, and in this message we will turn in our Bibles to Matthew 2 to do a character study on the life of Herod the Great. Sometimes we learn from witnessing the good example of others and other times we learn from people like Herod who demonstrate by their persistent wickedness the consequences of living one’s life in opposition to God. Most of the characters in the Christmas story