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It has been a few weeks since we were last in the Gospel of John, but this Sunday we’ll be picking things up where we left off in chapter 10. From beginning to end this chapter illustrates powerfully the perfect sovereignty of Jesus. By sovereignty I mean the absolute right of Jesus to do whatever He wills according to His own good pleasure, and the inability of anyone or anything to thwart or even delay the doing of His will. The tenth chapter of John reveals a Jesus who is supreme in power and authority, and who rules in a way that is independent of anything external to Himself. There is absolutely nothing and nobody that is outside of God’s influence and authority. His timing and His purposes are predetermined and unstoppable. But the description of Jesus’ sovereignty that is most helpful to me, on just a heart level, is simply this—- that God is in control. With so much uncertainty in the world all around us this truth is something that we need to center our hearts and minds around. God is in control.