Sunday Morning Schedule

State Road Church has re-opened for in-person services! According to the current restrictions on religious gatherings we can accommodate 50 persons in our main sanctuary and an additional 50 persons in the overflow sanctuary where the service will be broadcast.
Sunday Morning services will continue to be live-streamed on YouTube for those with pre-existing conditions or other medical concerns.
State Road Kids has started! Check your 3-8 year old child in as you enter the building at the main entrance and pick them up after the service. We will be practicing safety measures in step with the local schools as we study God’s word with His littlest worshipers.
A Family Room is also provided for families who need to step away from the service. The service will be broadcast there to give your little ones room to explore while also giving you the chance to partake in the service.
Worship Service:
Starting at 9:30AM