No Substitutes

1 Samuel 5-6
Determination is a poor substitute for reading the directions. Determination gets me in trouble, well not really determination per se. I suppose even the word itself is truly a poor substitute for my real folly which is probably more accurately defined as stubbornness. Now stubbornness IS determination, however it’s more my determination not to change my attitude or position on something. But determination or stubbornness can cost us dearly.
There are NO substitutes for the God of Israel. None yesterday, none today, and none tomorrow. What is it that you have begun to substitute for the God of Israel? What is it that is standing in the way of true celebration now and even more so upon the Lord’s return!? Is it health and peace of mind like the Philistines? Is it a sinful desire that Peter warns of? Is it life itself like the Hebrews at Beth-Shemesh who couldn’t find joy in the very presence of God in their city. “Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.” There are no substitutes for our God, HE is the restorer.