January 2023

Proclaim The Gospel

Over the course of his time as an Apostle, Paul was responsible for speaking a great many words. His writings alone fill a large portion of our New Testaments, and everywhere Paul goes he is described as proclaiming, teaching, preaching, exhorting and defending the Gospel with words. Interestingly, the very first reference in the Bible […]

Continue Living The Gospel

Try to carve out some time to read chapter three of 2nd Timothy before you listen to this message. That’s the passage that we’ll be studying together on Sunday. True to form, Paul will continue his final letter with his characteristic, laser-like focus on the Gospel. If the message of chapter 1 was “guard the […]

A Solider, An Athlete, And A Farmer

In the first chapter of Paul’s last letter (2 Timothy) he talked about the importance of guarding the Gospel that has been entrusted to us. Then, in the second chapter, which we will be studying this coming Sunday, Paul will go on to talk about some of the costs and sacrifices that followers of Jesus […]

Paul’s Last Will and Testament

The book of 2 Timothy was Paul’s last and final letter. It was most likely written shortly before he was martyred in Rome. There is evidence from within the letter itself that Paul knew the end was near even as he wrote to his young friend, Timothy. For example, in chapter 4 he said, “For […]